Vulankungu Multimedia is a Pan-Afrikanist Communications Network founded on principles of decolonization, as well as the total emancipation of the mind. As an Afrocentric brand, we value the urgent necessity for accurate dissemination of information within the public sphere; one which advocates for a type of media practice that does not intend to undermine any Citizens of this majestic country. 

As we aspire to become a key role player in the continent’s Communication Sector we will be championing the upkeep of ethics and high regard of our society, without discriminating against anyone based on their social class, education level or political affiliation. 

We are encouraging more “authentic voices” to be actively involved in this country’s sociopolitical discourse. The current state of mainstream media is deteriorating very fast. There is not enough diversity in terms of ownership and the extent of ‘Censorship’ is also getting worse – something which needs to be countered immediately. These threats to freedom of expression pose a critical question when looking towards the future of Afrika. 

In essence, Vulankungu Multimedia is a communications powerhouse (in the making) that is gravely concerned by the current dominant narrative seeking to intoxicate people’s mindset. Ultimately, our core mandate is to restore the dignity of broad-based media practice and eventually balance the scales. 

The business concept which we are providing in strategic & effective mass communication is based on five pivotal pillars we have pinpointed as a progressive multimedia brand. These are: 

  1. Cultural 
  2. Political 
  3. Economic 
  4. Intellectual 
  5. Spiritual 

Embarking on such a monumental and intricate journey won’t always be smooth sailing. We are open to collaborations and corporate partnerships with other companies or organizations that share similar values. 

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